Just who does Rock The Cause think they are?

Rock the Cause is a Minnesota Based 501(c)3. Our mission is to create a new generation of stewardship for other non-profit causes. We do this by combining the power of music, community and social media in a way that today’s generation will find engaging. 

Over the past two years Rock the Cause has helped to create hundreds of new volunteers as well as finicial support for organizations like Free Arts Minnesota, Minnesota AIDS Project, Open Arms of Minnesota and others. 

A recent study showed that 43% of the persons who attended Rock the Cause events gave to charities they discovered through us, and 33% became volunteers.

We also help emerging artists by giving them exposure to music buying audiences through our live concerts and our digital download community. 

Our Rock the Cause Campus program partners with Colleges and High Schools across the region to create unique, charitable, concert events for students to help them discover new music and how they can make an impact on their communities.