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Rock the Cause Records is ecstatic to announce the debut of Alison Scott’s new video “Go Out Swingin” from her long awaited 6th studio album Stone Cold Love due out August 21, 2015.  The video features Alison on the ropes, duking it out in a boxing ring, interspersed with tender moments of motherhood.  She gives us an inspiring glimpse at the challenges of being a woman in music in America.  


Alison Scott has always defied the odds—proving you don’t need a major label to be successful in music.  She wrote her own rulebook, developing a loyal fan base that spans generations.  She has managed to sell over 15,000 records and counting.  Alison is proof that an incredible voice and a prime song can excite music fans around the world.  

“Go Out Swingin” expands on Scott’s signature sound, blending rock with blues and serves as an introduction into pop music.  The song is produced by triple-platinum selling producer Kevin Bowe, with the video being directed by the award winning Joe Brandmeier.  It represents a transition into pop music, a journey that is new and exciting for Alison.

While the song breaks boundaries musically, its true meaning is so much more.  “‘Go Out Swingin’ is my own personal call for Justice,” Alison explains, “but it speaks to all survivors of domestic abuse.  I have felt so angry and frustrated seeing this on the news and watching friends of mine go through it. I couldn’t NOT write this song. I hope this song can be an anthem for women, and children to give them the courage to find safety, and regain their lives.” 

It’s time we start talking about the true horrors of domestic violence.  This song is a first step.  As Alison so beautifully puts, “We need to band together to create healing, support, and independence for people who live with violence and abuse.  If it’s up to me, I say we all go out swingin’.  Perhaps not literally, but at least in spirit!”

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence. Take action to transition out to a life free from violence call the Tubman Crisis Hotline at 612.825.0000.

For more information on the affects of dometic violence in our community and what you can do to help end it contact Katie Gleischman at Tubman Family Crisis & Support Services

Rock the Cause will donate a portion of the net proceeds to Minnesota charities who work to end domestic violence. Charities will be chosen by Alison Scott, and the donation will be administrated by Rock the Cause.

Alison Scott encourages individuals to make direct donations to Tubman Framily Crisis & Support Center

Stone Cold Love Release Concert
Dakota Jazz Club August 21 & 22 8PM $15
Alison Scott

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