Rock & Roll Can Change The World

For 5 years Rock the Cause has been making an impact in our community by educating, empowering and inspiring others to make a difference. Our initiatives are not just one-off events. Our work is based in ongoing engagement that combines concerts, new media, digital music downloads, volunteer and funding drives for our partner causes. We can also be found in high schools and colleges across our region working one on one with students to create a future generation of community-minded citizens.


In 2012 Rock the Cause produced over 24 concert events and volunteer drives in our region, and we participated in 3 national level music festivals, and we conducted a 10 day volunteer drive and music showcase with Cities 97 at the Minnesota State Fair.  We enrolled over 2500 new members for over a dozen nonprofit organizations like Free Arts Minnesota, Rock Star Supply Company, People Serving People and more. Some of our partner organizations are reporting as high as 30% conversion rate on the members we help them to enroll. This helps our community by creating a new base of awareness, donor and volunteer support for our partner causes. 

Record Label

Rock the Cause records also released two internationally acclaimed music releases in 2012. Through our partnership with The Orchard, the world’s largest digital music distributor, we were able to put on sale in 36 countries, the charitable compilation Minnesota Remembers Vic Chesnutt, and the viral hit single Clouds by Zach Sobiech. Both releases have raised thousands of dollars for local and national charities like Children’s Cancer Research Fund, Sweet Relief Musicians Fund and Lifeworks Services. They have helped create new audiences for emerging musicians.


Our Social Media program communicates the needs of our community to thousands of people on a daily basis. Nonprofit organizations contact us weekly asking for help getting their messaging in front of an ever expanding, and engaged audience. Our Social Media program is staffed by interns from colleges across the region. Many of our internships are paid, helping to provide employment and critical job skills to students.

In fact our Social Media driven “Like” for “Music Download” program has created hundreds of new Facebook fans for organizations like People Serving People, Free Arts Minnesota and others.


We knew what we were doing felt good. What was the over all impact?       

Rock the Cause decided to ask our base of support to let us know how we are doing and what is important to them. We sent a survey to 1,000 people who have attended our events or signed up for our newsletter and received a 33% response rate, which is higher than the national average for nonprofits.

Here are the results of the Rock the Cause 2010 survey:


      67% of the Rock the Cause community is age 21 to 45

      34% earn between $35,000 to $50,000 per year, with 17% earning over $70,000 per year

      51% have earned a college degree

Here is where the impact of our work is showing in the community:

     53% discovered new causes to support through RTC

     40% donated money to causes they discovered through RTC

     33% volunteered for causes they discovered through RTC  

     79% discovered new music through RTC

Which of our charitable partners have you donated money to as a result of discovering them through Rock the Cause?"

     54% Big Brothers Big Sisters

     26% Free Arts Minnesota

     24% Minnesota AIDS Project

     21% Clare Housing

       9% Open Arms of Minnesota

Rock the Cause retention and conversion statistics:

     73% said we do an excellent job communicating the needs of our nonprofit partners

     83% said they understood our mission to help other charities

     74% follow us on Facebook (not consistent with above statistic)

     24% follow us through our monthly newsletter

     28% follow our community calendar

     84% will continue to attend Rock the Cause events

     87% will support a business that is a Rock the Cause community partner

The causes that have the most emotional draw in the RTC community

     46% Child Safety and Mentoring

     44% Children's Health

     46% Arts (Visual, Music, Dance etc.)

     31% HIV/AIDs 

     41% the Environment

     44% Human Rights

We'd like to give a big Thank You to everyone in the Rock the Cause community for your Rock and Roll hearts and compassion. With your time, effort and support, we are truly making an impact together!