A real-life train-hopping hobo…

Railroading his way onto the big screen and into the hearts of Americana music fans everywhere!

Thanks to a chance meeting and the discovery of a personal songbook detailing a hobo life through 100 unique and hand-penned songs, an unexpected multi-generational bond was formed … all in the name of music.

A few minor details before we get to the story....   
Film Trailer - The Ragman A Hobo's Story Untold

Official Selection:
2017 Newport Beach Film Festival'
2017 Minneapolis Saint Paul International Film Festival 

About The Ragman Project - A Hobo's Story Untold:

His name is Michael Bork but most people call him The Ragman. He is a vagabond, yet also a storyteller and songwriter who, over his lifetime, wrote and recorded 100 songs during and about his rail-riding adventures.

The Ragman handed over those hand-written lyrics and sampling of recordings (on a cassette tape… we kid you not!) to a handful of players from the national indie-music scene who became instantly smitten with his Dylan-esque narrative cadence and soon embarked on a musical journey that ultimately became The Ragman Project.

From this music came two things:
A documentary film of The Ragman, titled: A Hobo’s Story Untold
The film showcases Ragman’s adventures and struggles living what he called a hard life in rail cars, abandoned houses and ditches throughout the United States. Yet out of that life came the pages of lyrics that led The Ragman and an entourage of touring musicians to a recording studio in Lexington, KY.  The film is being showcased at Newport Beach Film Festival April 24, 2017.  
The Album titled The Ragman Project – A Hobo’s Story Untold 

The Ragman Project's first album is a transformation of Michael Bork's original cassette tape demos, into a mesmerizing collection of a unique genre we deem “Dreamscape-Americana” gold. Over 20 musicians from America's indie music scene came together to bring to life The Ragman’s hobo stories, including members of ENEMY PLANES, Vandeveer, Cheyenne Mize, Horse Feathers, and musician and producer Duane Lundy of Lexington KY's Shangri-La Studios, whose credits include (Jim James, Sturgill Simpson, Ben Sollee).

On 14, April 2017 the documentary film titled The Ragman: A Hobo's Story Untold made its debut at the Minneapolis Saint Paul International Film Festival to a sold out audience.

The Ragman Project album is available digitally on the nonprofit label Rock the Cause Records in association with Hobo Americana LLC. A portion of proceeds from the album release will benefit Rock the Cause whose nonprofit mission is to create opportunities for musicians and music fans alike to give back to their communities through volunteer drives, live concerts, and music downloads. A portion of the proceeds will also benefit The Ragman to assist in bringing his lifetime experience of rail song narratives to a greater audience while preserving their historic posterity.

We would love to offer you the chance to chat with Ragman and hear him play an acoustic snippet or use a clip from the documentary of him playing. You can also chat with either Michael Deering, the producer of the film “A Hobo’s Story Untold” OR a member of the Minneapolis band, Enemy Planes that first listened to Ragman’s cassette and spearheaded the studio collaboration that resulted in A Hobo’s Story Untold.

The Ragman
Michael Bork has lived his life straddling a fine line between the assumptions of societal norms and his own unique approach to happiness and survival. He may by odd to some, yet has a charmingly rare disposition in this day and age. Self-anointed as “The Ragman”, he makes an everlasting impression on most anyone who takes the time to truly get know him. The Ragman – the storyteller, the vagabond, but most importantly the songwriter, was willing to unearth an entire lyrical catalog of his documented past. A collaboration of professional musicians transpired to create an outstanding sonic array of interpretations of Ragman’s original compositions. The sole goal: to bring Ragman’s songs and life stories to the masses.
Michael Deering
The Ragman – A Hobo’s Story Untold is Michael Deering’s first documentary short film credit. An avid photographer, music aficionado and storyteller by trade, for the past 20 years Michael has parlayed his various creative passions into opportunities that have granted him rewarding and career-defining experiences. In 2000, Michael launched SuperStarPR™, a boutique PR firm specializing in creative media relations. Never one to pigeonhole his professional forte, over the years he has played a variety of production and segment development roles that include; NFL on CBS, The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno, Animal Planet, Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, NBC Nightly News, Late Night w/David Letterman, Rosie O’Donnell Show and more. Ironically, it was while hosting an annual music festival on his century-old farm, that a simple and timely moment of fate convinced him to collaborate in telling yet another story that had yet to be told.

Casey Call
Songwriter, music co-producer, musician

Casey Call is a musician, producer, lyricist, vocalist, songwriter, filmmaker and visual artist. His unconventional approach to all things creative is most aptly reflected in his work as vocalist, songwriter and driving force behind the Minneapolis based band ENEMY PLANES. While playing a MN music festival in the summer of 2011, Call, along with his bandmates Joe Call and Joe Gamble, happened upon a man in tattered clothes strumming a beat up acoustic guitar by the glow of a campfire, his mass of grey curls barely contained by his road worn straw hat. This serendipitous encounter and the passing of a cassette tape with the words, "The Ragman" scribbled across the label, would mark this moment in time as the spark that set in motion the journey now known as The Ragman Project. Call was given the opportunity to dive into Ragman's body of work consisting of over 100 songs. He was tasked with narrowing it down to and reimagining an albums worth of material with one single purpose; to bring to life one spirt known as "The Ragman". Call currently resides in Saint Paul, MN and splits his time between the studio and touring abroad.

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