What are the main goals of Rock the Cause?

Our philosophy is three-fold:

  1. To bring about awareness for social and environmental issues and causes.
  2. To engage young people in volunteerism, advocacy, and philanthropy.
  3. To reach new audiences with great music, past and present, through the introduction of up-and-coming performing artists.

Music has greatly influenced many of the social movements of the last century. Because music fans are unequivocally cool, people listen to what they say. 

Rock The Cause works with musicians who are not just talented, but also who care about the communities in which they live. They offer their time and talents for a good cause – not just to strike it rich or make it big. 

We also work to inspire future philanthropists. We understand that right now, you may not have the cash to donate to a cause you care about, but RTC wants to build up a generation of people who care about one another and donate whatever they can, be it time, goods, services, and yeah, even money. 

Some people call it idealistic bleeding heart do-gooders. We call it Rock the Cause. We know our community is growing by the day. We know together we are making an impact!

Hey Hey, My My, Rock & Roll Will Never Die…